Dental Plan Comparison Tool

This tool is designed to help you compare dental plans that are offered through NY State of Health.

If you plan to enroll only your children in dental benefits, select the Pediatric Dental tab below.

If only adults or both adults and children need dental coverage, you can either shop for stand-alone family dental plans (select the Family Dental tab below) or you can see if there are Qualified Health Plans that include a family dental benefit in your county (select the QHP with Dental tab below).

Next, select the County in which you reside. Then, enter the number of children you wish to enroll in a Pediatric Dental plan OR who you wish to enroll in a Family Dental plan or in a QHP with family dental benefits. (Please note – only policies that indicate “Family Dental” would include dental benefits for adults).

Make sure to hover over the “Question Marks” for help.

Select County and Network to see results