2024 Dental Plan Comparison Tool

This tool is designed to help you compare family dental plans that are offered through NY State of Health.

Family dental plans include dental benefits for adults as well as pediatric dental benefits.

If only adults or both adults and children need dental coverage, you can either shop for stand-alone family dental plans (select Adult & Family Dental Plan from the Dental Plan Type dropdown) or you can see if there are Qualified Health Plans that include a family dental benefit in your county (select QHP that includes family dental benefits from the Dental Plan Type dropdown.).

Next, select the County in which you reside. You then can filter on Person(s) Covered.

If you would like, you can also filter on a specific Insurance Company or whether the plan has Out of Network coverage. If you are looking for a QHP that includes family dental benefits, you could also filter by Metal Level and Dependent Age. To view the details of a plan, click “View Details” next to the plan you want to view.

Each time you add a filter, you must click the Search button. To start a search over, click Reset.

You can compare up to three plans at a time. Check the box next to the plans you want to compare, and then click the Compare Plans button.

Dental Plan Type Person(s) Covered Insurance Company Plan Name: County Premium Out-of-Network Coverage HIOS Product Number Dependent Age Deductible Adult Individual Annual Benefit Maximum Waiting Periods View Details ID Term ID
Adult & Family Dental Plan Parent and child only Solstice Health Insurance Company EssentialSmile 111 NS INN Family Dental Dep 29 Westchester $24.73 N 85427NY0010002 Age 29 $50 N/A None View Details 69294 140145