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IPA/Navigator Site Locations

Oct 1, 2019

In-Person Assistors (IPAs)/Navigators provide in-person enrollment assistance to individuals, families, small businesses and their employees who would like help applying for health insurance through the Marketplace.

Modeled on successful community assistance programs in New York, the IPA/Navigator program is designed to meet the needs of New Yorkers by providing assistance in convenient, community-based locations.  IPAs/Navigators provide culturally competent, linguistically appropriate, and disability accessible enrollment services.  They are available at convenient times, including evenings and weekends, at no cost to enrollees.

The IPA/Navigator Site Locations document is posted below.  This document, which is sorted by county, includes details for IPA/Navigator assistance.  Please call an agency for the dates and times when enrollment assistance is available at each site.


You can also search for an IPA/Navigator in this online directory.


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