2023 Webinar Assistor Training Update: Change to Medicaid Pharmacy Benefits


Starting on 4/1/2023, Medicaid Managed Care members will no longer have their prescription coverage administered by their Managed Care plan.  Instead, these benefits will be covered by NYRx, the Medicaid Pharmacy Program (formerly referred to as the Medicaid Fee-for-Service Pharmacy Program).

We are including several resources for Assistors to use in order to be prepared to help consumers through this transition.  Please review these resources so that you can answer questions from consumers about changes to their Medicaid prescription drug benefits. 

These new Assistor resources are available:

  1. Sample of the notice that consumers will be receiving on the NYRx transition 
    1. This notice provides general information as well as several resources for consumers regarding their specific benefit questions. 
  2. Consumer FAQs on the NYRx program
  3. Resource on NYRx co-pays
  4. Video walkthrough for Assistors on the Medicaid Pharmacy Program Member Resources webpage
  5. For more information regarding the Medicaid Pharmacy Benefit transition, please visit the following website:
    1.   Member Dashboard - New York State Medicaid Members



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