Podcasts on New York's Plans to Unwind the Continuous Coverage Requirement

The following podcast episodes detail New York's plans to unwind the continuous coverage requirement.  (Additional resources for stakeholders and other outreach partners are available in this Communications Tool Kit.  Information for New Yorkers enrolled in these programs is available on this page.)


    August 18, 2023 The Capitol Pressroom: "Unwinding New York's Public Health Emergency"

    After three years of having government health insurance programs, like Medicaid, automatically renewed for millions of New Yorkers, the state is now required by federal officials to recertify eligible enrollees. We discuss the “unwinding” process with Danielle Holahan, executive director of New York State of Health, and Amir Bassiri, director of the state’s Medicaid program.


    June 15, 2023 The Brian Lehrer Show: "Big Changes Coming to Medicaid Eligibility in New York"

    New York State has recently started checking for Medicaid enrollment eligibility, which had been on pause during the pandemic emergency. Amir Bassiri, New York State Medicaid director, and Danielle Holahan, NY State of Health executive director, explain why that could mean many lose coverage, plus answer listeners' questions on how to make sure they don't lose coverage for a procedural reason, and what to do if they don't qualify anymore.


    March 21, 2023 Rockefeller Institute of Government "Policy Outsider" Podcast Episode 67 - "Unwind: The End of Continuous Coverage for Medicaid"

    To help make sense of how New York is approaching the unwind, Rockefeller Institute Senior Fellow for Health Policy Courtney Burke is joined by Amir Bassiri, deputy commissioner and Medicaid director at the New York State Department of Health; Danielle Holahan, executive director of NY State of Health; and Lisa Sbrana, director of the Division of Eligibility and Marketplace Integration at the New York State Department of Health.



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