Request an Adjournment or Reopening

If you are unable to attend your scheduled hearing and it is before your scheduled hearing date, you may ask us to consider scheduling a new hearing date for you.

If you did not attend a scheduled hearing, we sent you a Notice of Dismissal for Failure to Appear. You may ask that we cancel (“vacate”) that dismissal and, if approved, we will reopen and reschedule the hearing. You must give us a good reason (provide “good cause”) for not attending your scheduled hearing. You have 30 days from the date on your Notice of Dismissal to ask us to cancel (“vacate”) your dismissal and reopen your appeal. You must make a written request to reopen your appeal but you may request an adjournment or speak with us about reopening your appeal by calling us at 1-855-355-5777.

Send a Written Request to Reopen Your Appeal by Canceling (“Vacating”) Your Dismissal

You may upload the request to your NY State of Health account at In your written request, please include:

  • Your Appeal Identification Number
  • Your NY State of Health Account ID (AC99999999 for example)
  • Your Name
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Marketplace ID (HX9999999999 for example)
  • A Short Statement Saying Why you Want to Withdraw your Appeal Request

You may mail the request to the following address:

NY State of Health
Appeal Unit
P.O. Box 11729
Albany, NY 12211

You may also fax it to 1-855-900-5557.