IRS Form 1095-A Webinar

On January 7-8, 2015, NYSOH held a series of webinars on the new IRS Form 1095-A. This new federal tax form is provided by the Marketplace to Qualified Health Plan enrollees to enable enrollees to reconcile their Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTC) or claim Premium Tax Credits (PTC) on their federal return. This presentation reviewed the rules on APTC and PTC, provided an overview of the Form 1095-A, addressed common questions that Form 1095-A recipients might ask, and provided information on where to direct recipients for additional information.

The Slide Deck is available here

AGENTS and BROKERS can view a recording of the January 7 Webinar here.

NAVIGATORS, CACs, and FACILITATED ENROLLERS can view a recording of the Janaury 7 Webinar here.

HEALTH PLANS can view a recording of the January 8 Webinar here.


Additional information regarding premium tax credits and Form 1095-A is available on this page.



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