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  • Get in the Game Video

    Getting injured while uninsured can cost you an arm and a leg.  Don’t fumble when it comes to health insurance.  Visit the NY State of Health Marketplace to find an affordable, quality health plan that keeps you safe for the big game and beyond.

  • Asegure usted mismo para asegurar su salud

    Usted puede obtener un seguro para casi cualquier cosa hoy en día. Pero a pesar de que usted puede asegurar mucho, podría estar olvidando lo más importante... usted. NY State of Health ofrece planes de seguro médico asequibles y de calidad que se adaptan a su estilo de vida.

  • Health Insurance for Grown Children Video

    When your children are no longer eligible to stay on your plan, it’s time for them to get their own health insurance. Enrolling is easy – they can simply head to the NY State of Health Marketplace to find a quality, affordable plan that works for their lifestyle.

  • Su mejor red de seguridad

    Enfermarse o herirse es más fácil de lo que piensa. Es por eso que hay seguro médico – su mejor red de seguridad. NY State of Health es el lugar para comprar, comparar e inscribirse en un seguro médico asequible y de calidad.

  • Small Business Q&A Video

    NY State of Health answers commonly asked questions about the small business marketplace including how it works and if it is the best fit for your small business.

  • Insure Yourself to Ensure Your Health Video

    You can get insurance for practically anything these days. But even though you can insure a lot, you might be forgetting about the most important thing…you. NY State of Health offers quality, affordable health insurance plans to fit your lifestyle.